Recording Studio

Playground Studio offers a professionally designed and built recording studio in the heart of Hanoi, the capitol of Vietnam. The studio is equipped with carefully selected high-quality digital and analog audio equipment focused on inter-connectivity and versatility. Our engineers are trained by European professionals and able to make your productions sound perfect.

Key Technical Features:

  • Apollo UAD 16X Digital Mixing Interface
  • Focal Shape 65 Main Monitors
  • Avantone Mix Cube Small Device Mix Monitors
  • HP Envy 34 Curved Including: Ableton Live 10, FL Studio, Pro-Tools
  • Byerdynamics DT880-Pro Headphones
  • Audio-Techinca ATH-M50x Headphones
  • Akai Professional Advance 61
  • Ableton Push 2

Outboard Gear:

  • Fredenstein F600A Compressor
  • Rupert Neve Designs Portico 511 Preamp
  • Radial Pro RMP Passive Reamps


  • Soundtoys 5
  • Waves H-Series Bundle
  • iZotope Suite
  • Fab Filter Total
  • Native Insturments Komplete 11
  • UVI Vintage Vault
  • KORG Collection
  • Serum

Additional gear requests are to be filed 7 days prior to recording date

A 30m2 recording area equipped with:

  • guitars,
  • pianos,
  • key-boards,
  • drum-sets
  • Synthesizers
  • and more

A 12m2 vocal booth connected to the Control room perfect for podcasting and vocal recording, equipped with:

  • Rode NT1-A Solution Pack
  • MXL V67G-HE
  • Devine BM-600
  • Shure SM-57 Kit
  • Requests 7 days in advance

A suite room especially designed for die-hard production sessions equipped with comfortable seating for producers and spectators:

  • UA Sattelite FW DUO
  • Monkey Banana 
  • Presonus eris 5 studio monitors
  • iMac 2017
  • Midi controllers & keyboards 
  • Requests available 

A comfortable are where artists and spectators can meet, relax, and enjoy cold beverages during or outside of recording sessions. 

  • Lounge lockout available on extra charges

Recent Projects

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Best Valued Service Packages

Custom Productions

Sit down with our team of producers, engineers and song-writers and create something unique

Studio Full Day

Lock-Out the studio for a full day of production
VND 10.000.000 And Up
  • 10 Studio Hours
  • Full Engineer Support
  • Free Mix & Master

Mix & Mastering Services

Our sound-engineers are ready to take your production to the next level. Mastering orders can be placed online.

Mastering Total

Make your track stand out with a proper mix
VND 2.000.000 Starting From
  • Professional Assesment
  • Full Revision & Mix
  • Maximum 3 Revisons
  • Discount on 2nd Purchase

Studio Packages & Bundles

Check out our webshop to find out which package or bundle fits your recording needs and secure a slot online

Studio Package A to Z

A full production, from planning to Master Recording
VND 34.500.000 Starting From
  • 30 Studio Hours
  • Full Engineer Support
  • Product Planning & Advice
  • Drinks & Snacks
  • Data Storage & Back-Up
Best Value


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