Ravodio Ep. #1 – Valy Mo (Exclusive Interview)

Ravodio Ep. #1 – Valy Mo (Exclusive Interview)

Playground Studio and Ravo Records are proud to announce the first episode of the Ravodio Podcast, intended to promote Vietnam based artists. We’re kicking off this first session with our dear friend and DJ/producer Valy Mo. The set was played during his as a support act for MALAA on his illegal tour in France, right before Valy Mo returned to Vietnam.

Yannick: “Hi Valy, an interesting start of the year for you. This set is actually the set you performed live on stage with Mala on your latest tour through France just before returning back to Vietnam correct? Anything exciting coming up for us soon?”

Valy: “Hello, this set was the final act of my Back Home Mini Tour, the best way to end this amazing tour I had in France! After that I took time to focus on new crazy productions before being back on stage at Ravolution Music Festival in May. These new productions focus more on the instruments I discovered in Vietnam, such as Dan Co & Dan Tranh. I’m also cooking one exclusive track for Ravo Records, which gather my best ideas of the past months!

Valy Mo in Vietnam

Yannick: “Where did it all start for you as an artist? And what eventually led you to Asia?”

Valy: “I started producing in my room when I discovered the band Justice on stage, it was for fun with friends at the begining. I took the decision to live from my music in 2014, when the band Crystal Castles reposted my remix of their track. Step by step, my project and productions became famous in France, and it first led me to travel across Europe. In 2015, I was invited in Japan to perform at Summer Sonic Festival with The Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, Dillon Francis, Porter Robinson, Madeon, Pharell Williams… That was crazy, and the first time I performed in front of 30.000 peoples! It’s only in 2017 that I took the decision to leave france after my show with Axwell and Nicky Romero, this would be my last show in France for a long time. Then I traveled across Asia, where I quickly found a lot of inspirations, this is why I spend most of my time here.”

Yannick: “How do you feel about the music scene here in Vietnam then? Anything you find back home and not here that you really miss?” 

Valy: “Every crowd is different, in France it is difficult to unleash your most violent track, people are more into progressive music like techno. But anyway I had the opportunity to release my energy during my set after Malaa. I feelconfortable in Asia because people love powerful music, they like when the DJ get to the point and I appreciate this genuine behavior from the crowd.”

Yannick: “You’ve been gaining quite some traction here locally, we’ve seen your name pop-up here and there. And the video production with Playground Studio and Anti Anti Art certainly showed the scene what we’re capable of achieving here. I mean it’s not everyday a 100% Vietnam produced video reaches the largest EDM channel in the world! What advice would you give to your fellow Vietnam based artists out there?”

Valy: “Nowadays a lot of people forget how to make the difference in their music, this difference comes only from you, and you need to find it to make it a strength. Then, Don’t be afraid to show your talent to other people, your music could be listened by the biggest artists one day, and this could be the begining of your career, and the best experience of your life!”

Yannick: “Awesome! Then one last question, what would you advise our audience to do while listening to your set?” 

Valy: “I would recommend this set when you prepare to go

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