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Playground Management; providing management services to artists, collectives and creative brands.
We’re a talent management team that’s more than just a group of talanted people, we’re part of an ecosystem run by top-industry indivuals able to provide and source unique business opprotunities on local and international level. Playground Management is able to utelize it’s notoriety and impact within the music & enterainment industry and media outlets. While nothing comes easy our team has a track-record with accomplishing overal distinction and business success for our clients.

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84grnd - urban culture

Established by playground management in 2019. An urban culture vertical that celebrates +84[vietnamese] music, lifestyle & art

An platform for artist & fans
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Join us in our journey of creation, together we can make a difference and influence a generation. Playground Management is open for collaboration with strong third parties that can bring value to our ecosystem…and we to theirs.


Sponsor a creative production managed by Playground and have your brand seen by millions of potential customers. For more information and rates contact us.


Brands that provide to the community will be remembered and respected for years to come. Sponsor one of our shows and become an artist incubator.

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