MC Courses, VJ Courses

Playground studio offers additional courses within the entertainment industry, both MC and VJ courses are taught by high profile artists with real expertise in their fields. Real-time opportunities to join the Playground Studio team are presented to you after you finish one of our courses.

Exclusive Benefits

MC mank
  • Certificate (PGS)
  • Student profiles
  • Email Support
  • MC try out set
M C / H y p e    C o u r s e

Not everyone is able to endure the pressure of thousands of eyes pointed at you… or are we? Learn the ins-and-outs of hyping the crowd and elevating vibes to the maximum level. Brought to you by industry veterans.

V J   C o u r s e

There is way more to VJ’ing than just matching your visuals to the beat. Our expert will teach you all the steps from creating content, mapping, to VJ’ing itself.

  • Playground Events
  • Chance To join VJ Team
  • Career managament upon completion
  • More

Meet our teachers

Luu Hai Anh


Hyping crowds to unprecedented heights is what MC Hank is good at. Over the past few years he’s been dominating MC positions at the largest Festivals and events representing some of the biggest brands. Sharing stages with big DJs is something he does on a weekly basis. The club-scene is no stranger to Hank either as he holds resident spots at the biggest clubs in town.

Ciaran O'connell


Ciaran has been in the VJ mapping scene for years now, and is one of the first guys to start 3d mapping and creative projects in England. Creating shows for multiple famous artists and winning several VJ awards.

Playground education

ABleton & Courses

MC/Hype COre program

VND 17,999,000
  • 24 Sessions (3/week)
  • 90 Minute Sessions
  • A to Z MC Skills
  • Full Student Benefits

Vj core program

VND 21,999,000
  • 25 Sessions (3/week)
  • 90 Minute Sessions
  • A to Z VJ Skills
  • Full Student Benefits

Why Choose us?

Musical Ecosystem

Playground Studio

1. Environment

Playground Studio works with Vietnamese and foreign experts in order to provide high-value courses on the subjects: Music Production in Ableton, Music Production in FL Studio, DJing, MC/Hype, Artists Development and soon VJ & Mapping. Students will study in an international environment powered by deep knowledge and real-time experience in the music business.

2. Studio & Equip.

Our luxurious recording facility designed with the help of foreign experts house carefully selected digital recording equipment. The studio will be used to produce and record material for artists signed to Playground Studio, Ravo Records and will steadily available for commercial projects and bookings by established artists.


3. Benefits

Students are granted exclusive benefits such; as access to musical databases, career support and real opportunities that are valid up to one year after course completion. For more information scroll down to the benefits section of each course to choose the fitting course for you.


4. Opportunities

After finishing your course our team will assist you in building a professional career with real opportunities. Join our nation wide and international contest and be heard. The very best are offered exclusive resident spots and internships.

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